Solar Hot Water for Commercial Properties in Philadelphia & Vicinity

Need large non-pressurized insulated tanks?
• Do you install SHW or HVAC in the Mid-Atlantic region?
• Have a challenging location with stairs and small doors?
• Need custom sizing to maximize storage within a limited space?
• Need it delivered and fully installed in the Mid-Atlantic region?

Rushforth Solar installs tanks in the Mid-Atlantic region!
After tweaking and refining our EPDM lined non-pressurized tank construction techniques over many installations, we now offer our high quality custom tank installations to other contractors and customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, (PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, VA, DC.)


• Heavy gauge circular aluminum ring walls engineered with a factor of safety of at least 4. • White factory applied paint finish.
• 2.75” to 3” thick rigid foam insulation (approximately R18) top bottom and sides.
• Long life Firestone 45 mil EPDM replaceable lining with no field seams and no penetrations below the water line. (Pump feeds are achieved via an inverted U-tube – this works wonderfully).
• Removable snug fitting 3” rigid foam EPDM lined lid with stainless steel cross supports.
• Curved aluminum lid trim.
• PVC pipe pass-through sleeves included.
• Water level height gauge mounted on tank.
• Fill port installed.
• Upper and lower sensor ports provided (to install and access temperature sensors behind the EPDM lining).
• Hinged plastic wire conduit provides a protected and neat wire conduit for sensor wires, while covering the sensor ports.
• Available with or without copper coil heat exchangers installed.
• Available with Professional Engineer stamp in PA.
• Sizes up to 13’6” outside diameter x 7’10” overall height with 7,000 gallon capacity readily available. Larger sizes considered on a case by case basis.
• 1 day installation (under normal circumstances – usually 4 - 6 weeks lead time required).
• 5 year limited warranty on non-cosmetic defects in structure or liner. (Specific warranty will be supplied for each application - liner warranty is typically limited to material replacement, not labor).
• Round tanks are the best value with the most volume for the least heat loss. However if the space if oblong, for additional cost, ‘Tylenol capsule’ shaped tanks can be built with a steel framework. Costs can be 50% to 75% higher for the same volume.
Upon completion, the tank will be left dry with lid and lid trim installed. If desired we will go over tips on lid removal and re-installation with your people. Instead of spending untold hours attempting to build your own tank and maybe not getting it right, with our installations, you save time and look great for competently coordinating such an efficient well done tank installation.
Tank pricing guide:
Each tank is priced individually based on conditions, travel distance, and other factors. Prices are subject to change without notice, but below is an approximate pricing guide:
Installed price within 3 hours of zip code 19010
Gallons Round Tank $/Gallon Round Tank w/HE $/Gallon
500 $5,000 $10.00 $7,400 $14.80
1000 $5,900 $5.90 $8,600 $8.60
1500 $6,800 $4.53 $9,800 $6.53
2000 $7,700 $3.85 $11,000 $5.50
2500 $8,600 $3.44 $12,200 $4.88
3000 $9,500 $3.17 $13,400 $4.47
4000 $11,300 $2.83 $15,800 $3.95
5000 $13,100 $2.62 $18,200 $3.64
6000 $14,900 $2.48 $20,600 $3.43
7000 $16,700 $2.39 $23,000 $3.29

Quantity pricing. If you have multiple tanks going in at one installation, price per tank may be reduced by about $400.
Drawn plan and PA Professional Engineer seal for tank can be available with tank installation for approximately an additional $500.
Assumed conditions for above pricing:
• Customer supplies room and entry measurements and photos.
• Customer specifies tank size they want (we are willing to help with some advice on this)
• Customer provides flat clear concrete basement floor
• Within 3 hours of 19010. For further distances add approximately $300/ hour travel time (one way).
• Adequate access and truck parking at the installation site.
• Tank diameter assumed to be .75 to 1.5 times the height. (Extra flat or extra tall proportions may increase cost).
• Permit (if needed) to be provided by customer or GC.

Copper coil heat exchangers:

We can neatly and efficiently support and install copper coil heat exchangers inside our tanks.
If you let us know your heat exchanger needs, we can figure out how best to install those coils so they are ready for your plumber to solder up.
We normally use ¾" x 100' soft L copper coils with no joints.
Depending on whether you are doing a solar drain back installation, a solar closed loop glycol installation, or capturing waste heat from an economizer, a desuperheater, CHP, or some other energy re-cycling device, we would like to help by efficiently supplying and installing copper heat exchanger coils inside the tank.
This can help keep your skilled plumbing labor to a minimum.
Your plumber likes it because he does what he likes to do – solder pipes – and he is not asked to do head-scratching EPDM lined tank tasks he never did before.
Copper coil heat exchanger pricing guide:

Different coil sizes can be used, but we have found multiple Ύ” copper coils can provide a good balance of flow versus surface area, and can work well for a wide variety of applications. Tank prices above show with and without heat exchange coils based on normal HE requirements (2 to 4 coils on smaller tanks, 6 to 8 coils on larger tanks). Again pricing for each job is custom, but often pricing for installed copper coils will be in the vicinity of: $1,200 for the first 100’ x ¾" coil (includes stainless steel support members). $725 for each additional installed ¾" x 100’ coil. Not included would be any copper piping connections or manifolding any of the ¾" copper coils together.